Fruity Jumbo Ice Cubes

Check this out! Jumbo fruity ice cubes can be adapted to just about ANY drink! I typically use Ginger Ale or Sprite as my base liquid, but feel free to change it up and add a pop of color with any fruit juice. White wine, Ginger Ale, thinly sliced grapes, and mint leaves are also an impressive mix! I used this combination in my white wine spritzer. I am telling you… the options are limitless!

Why Do You NEED These?

  • Prevents diluting from “normal” ice cubes.
  • Visually appealing in any punch bowl or pitcher.
  • Adds flavor and naturally infuses your beverage.
  • Conversation starter! I always have at least one person comment on the jumbo ice cubes.
  • When melted, they leave vibrant, tasty fruit behind.

ice-all-three-veritcal  ice-and-grapefruit-horizontal

How Do I Make Them? It is SO simple!

  • Jumbo ice cube tray(s) *silicone works best
  • Drink of your choice (keep in mind alcohol alone will not freeze)
  • Fruit of your choice
  • Throw in a few drops of food coloring to have your drink change color as they melt!

Start by putting a few pieces of fruit in each cube, fill remaining space with the liquid of your choice, and pop them in the freezer. I used sliced grapefruit for this white wine berry spritzer recipe (as pictured) to add a pop of color to my punch bowl!

ice-horizontal  ice-punch-horizontal

Share your favorite combo! I would love to hear them. I was raised in a home with an open door policy to friends and family. We always had a yummy drink and appetizer ready to go within minutes… My mom is quite the hostess! These fruity ice cubes are easy to keep in the freezer for spur of the moment needs. I mean it, I have two trays in my freezer right now!


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