DIY Faux Concrete/Stone Planter

Over the last month, I have turned into a plant lady. I swore it would never happen, but I even go to the Garden Center for “fun”. Turns out, it’s not always a cheap hobby. You know that book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”? It’s JUST like that…


It starts with the plant (or plants), next the potting soil, then the gardening tools, and a pot! Well, starting in September, the Garden Center marks about half of their plant inventory to 70% off as the winter months are approaching. Score! However, the pots typically remain full price. I knew that I wanted a stone or concrete looking pot that had a heavy, durable appearance. I found what I wanted, but for wayyyyyy too much money. Justifying purchasing six $150-$175 pots would not fly with the hubby. These were my inspiration. No problem- I love crafts and DIY projects.

I started looking at cheaper alternatives, and guess what, they looked like their price tag did. Poor quality and ugly colors. There aren’t many things that Home Depot and I cannot fix, so I went there next. I was able to use three cans of different spray paints to create three faux stone/cement looking pots for under $20.00 each!!

pot-vertical  pots-paint  pots-close-up-paint

Here is how:


  • Rust-oleum professional spray primer in 7582 gray, here
  • Rust-oleum hammered spray paint in 7214 gray, here
  • Rust-oleum multicolor textured spray paint in 223525 aged iron, here
  • Pot of your choice (I found mine on sale at Walmart, but check out your Dollar General too!)
  • Optional fine grit sand paper (the primer will take care of this too), here
  • Drop cloth or old sheets to paint on, here 

*all color codes and names should be located on the back of the can on a white barcode label screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-8-39-09-am 

This was my inspiration! $175.00?? No, thank you.


This is what I found on sale discounted even lower at my local Walmart. Mine was just $13.00 and some change! Yes!


  1. Spread your drop cloth outside in a well-ventilated area.
  2. You can lightly sand the exterior of the pot depending on the existing finish. Roughing up the outside allows the paint to stick better. (I skipped this step, and it turned out fine using primer.) 
  3. In steady even strokes, spray the primer keeping the nozzle 10-16″ from the surface.
  4. Give the first coat a few minutes to dry, and repeat with another coat of primer.
  5. After letting it set for about 5-7 minutes, start with the hammered spray. It has a shinier finish for a more formal look. I did not spray it to coat it completely, but rather to add dimension and texture to the flat surface.
  6. Alternate with the multicolor textured spray. I really liked this one! It gave the pot the feel and look of concrete that I wanted.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have achieved your desired darkness or lightness.
  8. Allows 24 hours to dry completely before potting your plants.
  9. Ta-da! Textured, faux stone appearance for under 20 bucks!

Pro Tips:

  • Wear disposable gloves! I got excited and distracted and had spray paint all over my nails and hands for three days.
  • Not sure what it will look like? Test the bottom! No one will ever see it anyway.
  • Does your pot have a drain hole at the bottom? If you are potting an outdoor plant, make sure you drill a few holes in the bottom for excess water before you plant.
  • Is it for an indoor plant? Fill the bottom 3-4 inches with gravel before your potting soil goes in to allow the water to drown and not flood the roots.

Happy Painting!


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